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Did you ever have the feeling your kitty was watching you.. Well he is,
he is saying what in the world are you up to now,
 If I could talk I would tell you how to do it, on second thought no I wouldn't .  
He just want's you to sit down because that's his lap your carrying around with you. :)
Hope your day is always full of smiles.
Lucy is nearing 100 lbs now and when she says it's time to sleep we need to sleep. This morning while trying to get out the door for work, Miss Lucy took off ran to my room and climbed into bed. My Bed, which she has never done before, I literaly had to drag her happy but out of the bed and off to work we go. I don't remember a dog ever making me feel guilty about the time like that before. So my thought for the day: "Those sad faces are in control."

People who have puppy mills should all
have to live the way their dogs do. That way we know they will always be taken
care of.


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    October 2012