While a cat seems to crave milk, a dog can not they can't digest it.
Your dog should never be given chocolate either it can be very toxic to them and chocolate will kill your parrot.
Parrots should also never be given Avacado while yummy for you, probably will kill them.
Try giving your dog a baby carrot instead they really do like them, a little messy but they enjoy them.
And a quick note about that parrot treat, mash up some cooked pumpkin or squash add tiny bits of apples, raisins, their favorite seeds, mix all together to get a good consistency in the mix, roll into small balls, spread out on a cookie sheet and put in your freezer for a couple of hours, then wrap tightly in a sealed container and keep in the freezer, pull a squash ball out one at a time for your parrot they will love them and you will get a kick out of watching them. :) Happy pet treats.